DVV International revealed the winners of the grant programme “Innovation in Adult Education”

Innovation in Adult Education

The first meeting with the selected applicants in DVV International’s office © Lela Matiashvili

In April 2018, DVV International Georgia country office revealed the winners of the annual grant programme “Innovation in Adult Education”. DVV International is implementing the programme since 2013 with the aim to support local organizations with innovative approaches in non-formal Adult Education. DVV International selected four projects out of around 100 applicants in 2018. These are the selected projects: The school of visual storytelling, the aim of this project is to promote visual storytelling tools among civic activists, who will learn to master the basic skills of creating comic books and animations. Parenthood as a profession, in the framework of the project a parent school will be created in Mtskheta municipality, where parents will be able to attend a teaching programme on children rights, parenting and positive upbringing, parents’ role in child development, etc. By the end of the project the beneficiaries will develop videos on “The 10 Commandments for Parents” which will be spread via social media. Innovation methods in potato production, the aim of this project is to raise awareness for modern methods of potato production in Akhalkalaki and Ninotsminda municipalities. During the first stage of the project trainings will be conducted with the target group. Besides, a manual in potato production and 10 information videos will be created with the aim to better spread the information among the community members. Solar Kitchen or paraboloidal Sunlight Cooker, in the framework of this project a solar kitchen will be created for the first time in Georgia. The project beneficiaries will attend workshops and set up the first solar cooker.


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