Visit of German organization ARBEIT & LEBEN to DVVI Georgia office

ARBEIT & LEBEN is retraining and capacity building educational organization supported by German Trade Union (DGB)  and DVV. The aim of organization is to support social justice in work place and life of citizens, promote development based on equal opportunities, solidarity and democratic principles.

In August, in  the framework of the programme „Cognitive vacation 2018“ the organization conducted visit to Georgia for 20 participants. During the trip the participants visited several German organisations working in Georgia.

DVV Georgia Country office presented to the visitors main directions of work and projects in the country. The guests also participated in screening of the film DVVI – 15 years in Georgia. During the discussion and Q@A session topics related to Georgia’s history, current political and economic developments and democratic changes since the country gained independence, were raised. Particular emphasis was done on Adult Education status in Georgia and work of AE centers established  in country by DVV International.

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