DVV International in Georgia

  • Adult Education Festival, Tbilisi, 2016 © Nana Chabukiani

  • Europe Day, Mr. President Giorgi Margvelashvili  visiting Koda Community Education Center’s desk, Tbilisi, 2017 © Lela Matiashvili

  • Street Art. Celebrating International Day of Older Persons in the frame of the project “Active for Life” Tbilisi, October 1, 2015 © Nana Chabukiani

  • Street Art.  Celebrating International Day of Older Persons in the frame of the project “Active for Life” Tbilisi, October 1, 2015 © Etuna Chubinidze

  • Horn Processing Course, Shaumiani Community Education Center, 2012 © Duda Borga

  • Final Training Day of the Project “Young Bloggers from South Caucasus”, Tbilisi, 2015 © Nana Chabukiani

  • Exhibition of the Center of Contemporary Art © CCA

  • Fashion show by the participants of the project “Once Upon a Conflict: Arts for Confidence Building”, Turkey, 2014 © Sopho Miminoshvili

  • Interview with Giorgi Zatiashvili © Ninuca Bagratishvili

  • Opening of the Social Enterprise at Koda Community Education Center, in the framework of the project “People on the move”, 2017 © Lela Matiashvili

About us

DVV International works in Georgia through its Country office since 2002. With a considerable part of the Georgian population having yet to integrate into the country’s young market economy, education for poverty reduction, active civic participation, and long-term development remains at the forefront of DVVI’s agenda.

Already for years in a row DVVI follows a threefold strategy. On one side it supports the institutional development of the education sector and its relevant actors. On the other side DVVI implements direct delivery projects that address issues of poverty and sustainable environment. At the same time DVVI tries to draw more political attention to somehow neglected Adult Education and development issues.

As the leading professional organisation in the field of Adult Education, DVV International strives to introduce Georgia to the principles, values, and practices of lifelong learning which are essential for enabling citizens to pursue opportunities for themselves, their communities and the whole country.

The overarching aim of DVV International Georgia is to foster the enduring development of the non-formal Adult Education system. To that end, the European model — with an emphasis on the German Volkshochschule — was tailored to the peculiarities of the Georgian populace.

DVV International Georgia implements projects with the financial support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ); the German Federal Foreign Office (AA office); the European Union and the UN agencies.


Main focus of work


  • Poverty reduction by providing assistance in career planning and the employment process 
  • Programmes and activities focused on knowledge and skill acquisition, and on the development of small businesses and entrepreneurial initiatives 
  • Programmes for increased cultural and civic consciousness 
  • Conflict Resolution and Peace Building 
  • Networking 
  • Professionalisation of Adult Education through structured capacity building programmes for educators and trainers and the inclusion of AE training programmes in the curricula of formal education  
  • Advisory and advocacy measures and lobbying for the strengthening of AE institutions and structures in the country which shall lead to the recognition of Adult Education as an independent education sector and integral part of LLL 
  • Internationalisation of AE by using European expertise and initiating joint projects and activities with German Adult Education providers

Adult Education Festival

Festival for promoting Adult Education in Georgia

Young Bloggers from South Caucasus

Young Bloggers from South Caucasus

Filled with the Theatre Spirit

Despite of difficult conditions and poor equipment the artists of Lagodekhi public theatre continue performing, learning and developing. The documentary is an illustration of theatre's daily life: rehearsals, performances, premiere


24 participants from divided communities (Abkhaz and Georgian) were able to work on common issues and develop friendly relations. After a long and hard work the final product of the project, the animated film “HUGO” has been accomplished

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