Lifelong learning and the state-approved certificate

The Georgian state will recognize formal education received within the framework of the vocational training program in the adult education centers of Georgia.

From now on, the state will recognize formal education received within the framework of the vocational training program in the adult education centers of Georgia.

The Georgian Adult Education Network (GAEN), in cooperation with 9 member adult education centers, has been granted the right to implement a vocational training program “Basic Tailoring.” Upon successful completion of the program, students of the centers will receive a state-approved certificate. The right to implement the vocational training program was granted to the network for a period of 3 years.

The Georgian Adult Education Network always responds on time to new challenges and is one of the first organizations in this field to meet the appropriate standards as soon as the new opportunity arises and obtains the right to run the vocational training program.

In general, the advantage of adult education is that it offers people an education tailored to their interests and needs, even when they have left behind the time and opportunity to receive formal education, consider it too late and find it difficult to self-actualize.

Anyone at any age can apply to the eleven community adult education centers in eight regions of Georgia to select an interesting non-formal education course, master the desired craft in a few months and use this knowledge to gain a place in the labor market.

Today, tens of thousands of beneficiaries have completed hundreds of informal personal or professional development courses in the centers, established by DVV International Georgia and found jobs, started their own small businesses and were able to self-realize with the knowledge and skills acquired in the centers. There are already many impressive examples and success stories, and the adult educators have also gathered very large and good practice in this respect which proves the viability and effectiveness of this educational format.

However, the education received in community centers has not had official recognition or formal education status until now, which is a major obstacle for job seekers in a highly competitive environment. The implementation of vocational training/retraining programs – the participation of adult education centers in state vocational training programs and the acquisition of the right to conduct trainings – will benefit the quality of the centers’ work and the competitiveness of the beneficiaries in the labor market.

Under the leadership of the Georgian Adult Education Network, 9 centers were able to meet the standards set for obtaining the right to a vocational training / retraining program which means that they will be able to offer state-recognized formal training / retraining programs in addition to non-formal education. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a state-approved certificate that increases their chances of employment and makes them fully competitive in the labor market. Those who wish will have the opportunity to learn the desired profession in a short time according to the principle of adult education through learning by doing and to be successfully employed with this knowledge.

This good news, as mentioned above, is currently being implemented only through a single program  “Lightweight Fabric Sewing,” which has already opened at the Chokhatauri Adult Education Center. Soon the courses will start in Akhaltsikhe and then in Leliani Adult Education Center and gradually in other centers as well. The start of the program will be announced in advance and everyone can register. Registration is done electronically at According to the directors of the regional centers, there is a great interest in the program. The state-recognized certificate promises more opportunities for employment, sales and future development.

Nani Zhgenti, beneficiary of Chokhatauri Adult Education Center, 50 years old: “The program gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with the specifics of sewing machines, types of fabrics, their processing on complex and specific sewing machines, as well as, determination of fabric quality. Everything I have learned so far in this program has motivated me to become competitive in the production of high quality sewing products and thus create a stable job for myself.

At this stage, one of the priorities of the Georgian Adult Education Network (GAEN) is to obtain the right to implement even more different directions of training / retraining programs and continue to work actively in this direction. The network plans to participate in state vocational education programs in the future and intends to make a similar application in other ones. It will further expand activities of the centers in this direction and enable the adult population of the region to receive formal education in different profiles in local community centers. Thus, it can be said that adult education in Georgia is entering a new, more fruitful phase of activity, promising better opportunities for the beneficiaries. We wish them good luck in implementing these plans.

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