Development of red terror topography tours in the regions

Soviet Past Research Laboratory (SovLab) is a non-governmental organization, which was established in 2010. Its mission is to provide assistance in studying the Soviet totalitarian past and raise awareness for the political, legal and moral responsibility for the Soviet legacy. The aim of the organization is to create an environment which stimulates critical thinking, debates and the exchange of opinions to assist the democratic development of the country. With DVV International’s financial support SovLab has already implemented several successful projects since 2010: “Topography of Terror – Soviet Tbilisi”, “A Lost Story: Memory of Repressed Women”, “Weekend school for critical rethinking of the Soviet past”, etc.

In 2018 SovLab started to implement the project “Development of red terror topography tours in the regions”. The aim of this project is to develop educational history city tours in Kutaisi and Batumi. The project is a continuation of SovLab’s previous project “Topography of Terror”, in the framework of which a Tbilisi city tour was developed. The project proved to be a success and the city tour is in high demand both among local people and tourists. Thus, the idea of developing similar tours in other cities of Georgia emerged.                                                       

During the first stage of the project initiative groups of students and researchers will be formed in both cities. Later SovLab will organize a series of research workshops for them to demonstrate how to conduct researches and develop red terror topography maps and tours. The project participants will start a thorough research in their cities – search, collect and analyze sources and information about historic objects. At least 10 objects in each city will be analyzed. Besides the workshops, public lectures will be held for the wider society, to increase the awareness on Soviet Past.

Two city maps and tours will be developed as a result of the project activities and local guides will be trained to lead the tours.

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