Training and Employment Support Initiative (TESI) in the Criminal Justice Sector in Georgia

This 30-months EU funded project is implemented by DVVI Georgia Country office in partnership with the Civil Development Agency (CiDA) and the Georgian Farmers Association (GFA).

In order to decrease the social stigma and isolation of inmates, former inmates, probationers and children in conflict with the law and enhance their working capacities and employability upon release, the project is providing education and hands-on experience to cope with the demands of modern business operations.

In this respect, the strengthened cooperation among different stakeholders, public, private and non-governmental organizations, offers new approaches for the capacity building of these particular target groups, resulting in proper assistance to a greater number of inmates, former inmates, probationers and children in conflict with the law, thus enhancing their professional capacities in accordance with the market request to increase their chances to find suitable jobs.

The Overall Objective of TESI is to enhance and expand the opportunities for vocational education and employment for inmates, former inmates, probationers and children in conflict with the law and assist their resocialization process by joining efforts of government, the private sector and civil society institutions. 

-          The project activates :

  • Analysis of the needs and abilities of the project beneficiaries;
  • Research on the employment market;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the existing educational and employment programs;
  • Improvement of the scheme of employment support;
  • Increase in the level of information of local media and society;
  • Improvement of the dialogues between the government, the private sector and non-governmental institutions;

-           Services for beneficiaries:

  • Non-formal education (personal development and life skills);
  • Short-term vocational courses (2-5 months) in 7 regions of Georgia:

Samegrelo (Jvari), Samtskhe-Javakheti (Akhaltsikhe, Akhalkalaki), Kakheti (Leliani), Kvemo Kartli (Koda, Shaumiani), Ozurgeti (Chokhatauri), Racha (Ambrolauri), Adjara (Keda);

  • Work-based Learning Program in three regions of Georgia:

Samtskhe-Javakheti (Akhaltsikhe), Mtskheta-Mtianeti (Tsinamzghvriantkari), Samegrelo (Zugdidi, Senaki), Kakheti (Dedophlistskharo);

  • Start-Up Grant Program;
  • Employment support in private, governmental and business sectors
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