Online Training of Trainers for Adult Education Centers

in June, two new training's of trainers were conducted for the administrative staff and the trainers of the centers on the topics of Entrepreneurship and Business Planning as well as Social Mentoring.

Participants of the training of Entrepreneurship and Business Planning ©Lika Katsitadze

Participants of the training of Social Mentoring ©Lika Katsitadze

The crisis caused by the Coronavirus created new challenges for the Georgian education system including Adult Education Centers. It is worth mentioning that during this difficult period, the management of the centers systematically looked for new ways and means to avoid interrupting the educational processes. They were actively financially supported by the DVV International Georgia with two new trainings of trainers for the administrative staff and the trainers of the centres on the topics of Entrepreneurship and Business Planning, as well as, Social Mentoring were conducted online in June.

The aim of the first training was Entrepreneurship and Business Planning held by Irma Kortua, RDFG advisor on employment issues and trainer for entrepreneurship and vocational orientation, teacher in basics of entrepreneurship and business planning on the basis of the Business Model Canvas. The uniqueness and universality of the Business Model Canvas is that it allows us to see the business as a whole and as a system creating and marketing value, allows us to analyze and evaluate all core processes of the company, their interrelationships and dependencies, helps in identifying weak and problem areas of the company and in developing innovative or existing products.

The training consisted of 14 contact hours and 7 lessons using the Zoom platform. Through the Facebook group created especially for this training, the audience had an active relationship both with the trainer and with each other. They did their homework together, explored interesting examples and videos found by them or provided by the trainer. The video recordings of each training were placed on this page, which enabled the listeners to record the information they received and those who for some reason could not attend the online course were not left behind the learning process.

At the end, students received a certificate of completion of the course.

The topic of the next online training "Social Mentoring" was completely new for most of the training participants. They were particularly interested and enthusiastic about the training which was led by the young but experienced instructor of Mentor Hub, Teona Dalakishvili. She was assisted by the psychologist Nana Vashakidze. The main goal of the training was to introduce systemic mentoring programs which should lead to positive changes in society. From the first lessons it became clear to the participants that this training would be very important not only for their relationships with the beneficiaries but also for other business or personal relationships in general.

As in the previous training, the participants had the opportunity to continue their interaction in the social network on a page created specially for this group, to familiarize themselves with additional literature and to deepen the knowledge and experience gained in the training through video recordings and presentations.

At the end of the training,which included 10 hours and 5 distance learning hours, the participants received certificates.

The participants of both training courses unanimously stated that the effectiveness of the online training courses clearly exceeded their expectations. In the future, they will share the knowledge and experience from these trainings with their colleagues and other interested persons.


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