Training for German Language Teachers

A two-day training on innovative methods in teaching German was conducted in Bolnisi Adult Education Center during German Language Month.

Training for German Language Teachers ©Melita Pachulia

Training for German Language Teachers ©Melita Pachulia

German Language Month has meanwhile become a tradition organised every year by the German Embassy in Georgia. In cooperation with various Georgian and German organisations, diverse cultural, as well as educational events related to the German language, are held throughout Georgia. 

This year DVV International also joined to cover the adult education sector and to organise training for the German teachers who work mainly with adults. Alice Lachowicz, a lecturer from Cham Adult Education Center, with which DVV International has a partnership together with Georgian Adult Education Network (GAEN), was invited to provide a two-day training on innovative methods in teaching German.

The training took place on 21-22.10.2021 in the recently opened Bolnisi Adult Education Center, which is already the 13th AE Center established by DVV International in Georgia based on the German VHS model. The participants came from different parts of Georgia. At the beginning of the training, Oliver Reisner, Professor of European and Caucasian Studies at Ilia State University in Tbilisi, offered a historical tour of the former German settlement in Bolnisi.

Mnemonics and creative methods in teaching were the main topics of the training. During the two days, the participants received an overabundance of new methods, web resources, literature recommendations. There was also a very productive exchange of experiences between practicing teachers. The lecturer explained new and creative ways of using different media in the classroom. 

At the end of the training, all participants expressed their satisfaction and enthusiasm about how informative, helpful, useful, and practical this training had been for them. Some could not wait until they could try out what they had learned in practice, which speaks for the great success of the whole event.

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