Curriculum globALE - Module 3

The third module of the Curriculum globALE training programme organised by the DVV International Georgia Country office and led by the visiting trainer from Belarus, Ms. Alyona Lukhaustova, was held on July 28-31.

Curriculum globALE - Module 3 ©Melita Pachulia

Curriculum globALE - Module 3 ©Dato Jikia

Curriculum globALE - Module 3 ©Lela Matiashvili

Curriculum globALE - Module 3 ©Lela Matiashvili

Implementation of Curriculum globALE Training Programme in Georgia

The third module of the Curriculum globALE training programme organised by the DVV International Georgia Country office and led by the visiting trainer from Belarus, Ms. Alyona Lukhaustova, was held on July 28-31. The topic of the 4-day training program “Communication and group dynamics in Adult Learning and Education” was full of practical and theoretical parts and included elements of gamification - a programme developed on game rules.

Since the participants have to find connecting lines between the modules of the curriculum, the first day of the third module started with a review of what has already been learned, and recalling/using previous modules and making connections was also done in the following days.

At the very beginning of the training, Ms. Lukhaustova named three nominations: "Master of Communication,"; "Master of Reflection,"; "Master of Inspiration," and provided the participants with the opportunity to assign one of the titles mentioned above to each other on the principle of voting at the end of each day. On the fourth day of the training, the counted votes revealed the winners for each title, and they received small commemorative prizes.

The trainer offered gamification exercises to the participants to make the topic of communication more open and thought-provoking. An "alien" activity was among them when the group set specific instructions. Then the "alien" (an already selected participant who does not take part in developing instructions and is the performer) scrupulously performs the task they wrote. The exercise clearly showed the participants how important it is for the donor to take into account the knowledge/experience of the recipient about the current issue and stay themselves. The exercise is fun (because an unopened jar of jam can be found between two loaves) and thought-provoking (what was the reason for placing an unopened pot on bread?).

The second training day was devoted to learning essential communication skills, such as questioning techniques, listening, and dealing with resistance. To develop all three methods, in addition to the group giving a presentation and receiving theoretical knowledge, it later got practical work with exercises, including the so-called case study.

On the third day, they started with a "training laboratory,” where volunteer participants, one by one, made presentations on the topic of adult education. Their task was to demonstrate their skills in dealing with group dynamics, complete the session, and identify role players with different hindering or supportive functions. At the end of the presentation, discussions were held.

Ms. Lukhaustova also gave presentations on DISC, GRIP, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode, and Lencioni Models. Group work was conducted to adapt these models to participants' experiences. An interactive presentation was held: "Role-playing games: organisation of teaching, facilitation and coaching sessions." She also spoke about the style of the multiplier and diminutive person, and in the subsequent group work, the experience of multipliers and diminutive persons was discussed.

Many things were thought-provoking and new during the training, which, together with the previous modules, gave a pleasant experience for the participants. At the end of the training, the participants received a certificate of participation in the third level. The directors of Adult Learning and Education (ALE) centers, adult education coordinators of state vocational colleges, the Georgian Adult Education Network (GAEN), and DVV International Georgia Country office employees are participating in the training programme.

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