Advancing Adult Education: Marrakech Action Framework in Georgia

DVV International and Skills Agency Georgia held two workshops

Workshop "Marrakech Action Framework and Dynamics of its Implementation in Georgia" ©Salome Bitadze

Workshop "Marrakech Action Framework and Dynamics of its Implementation in Georgia" ©Salome Bitadze

In coopertation Regional Project “Eastern Neighbours” several noteworthy events were implemented by the DVV International Georgia office to dissect the intricacies of the Marrakech Framework for Action and evaluate its implementation dynamics within the country.

Two impactful workshops and a concluding event were organized under the guidance of the expert, executed in collaboration between DVV International and the Skills Agency Georgia.

These events served as platforms for in-depth analysis, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the Marrakech Action Framework and its practical implications in the Georgian context.

First Workshop - November 8: Civil Society and Public Sector Involvement:

Representatives from 34 civil society organizations and the public sector actively participated in the first workshop.

Deliberations centered around unraveling the Marrakech Action Framework, exploring its core principles, and initiating a dialogue on the integration of its main priorities within the Georgian landscape.

In-depth discussions ensued regarding the pivotal role of civil society and the public sector in championing the implementation process. Participants highlighted the paramount importance of adult education and lifelong learning, emphasizing the need for robust collaboration and experience sharing in advancing these critical facets.

Second Workshop - November 12: Engagement with the Business Sector:

The second event, held on November 12, shifted its focus to the business sector, drawing active participation from representatives of 21 business companies.

Discussions delved into the ways in which businesses could actively contribute to the implementation of the Marrakech Action Framework within the Georgian business landscape.

Concluding Event - November 20: Multisectoral Collaboration and Reflection:

The final event, conducted on November 20, witnessed the convergence of stakeholders from civil society organizations, the public sector, and the private sector. Key figures such as Ms. Tamar Kitiashvili, Director of the Skills Agency, and Ms. Tamar Samkharadze, Deputy Director, actively participated in this multilateral gathering.

This joint summary meeting provided a platform for stakeholders to collectively reflect on the findings, acknowledge achieved progress, and identify persistent challenges. In-depth discussions unfolded, addressing the specific recommendations emanating from the collaborative meetings and charting a course for the effective implementation of the main priorities outlined in the Marrakech Action Framework.

Throughout these events, the emphasis was placed on the significance of collaborative partnerships between Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the public sector, and the private sector. Dialogues centered around how these collaborative efforts could synergize diverse resources, expertise, and perspectives to enhance the impact of adult education initiatives within Georgia.

Strategies were explored on how to actively promote the Marrakech Framework for Action in Georgia, emphasizing the need for a coordinated and multifaceted approach. Participants actively engaged in discussions on how the principles and priorities outlined in the Marrakech Action Framework could be effectively communicated and integrated into national policies and practices.

The events held in November 2023 not only served as platforms for knowledge exchange but also laid the groundwork for future collaborative endeavors. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, these initiatives contributed to the collective effort of advancing adult education in Georgia, aligning with the principles outlined in the Marrakech Action Framework. The ongoing commitment to reflection, dialogue, and joint planning ensures a sustained and impactful trajectory for the implementation of the Framework's priorities in the years to come.

Following the successful culmination of the aforementioned events, a consequential milestone was achieved—the production of the Marrakesh Framework for Action Implementation Report for Georgia. This pivotal document stands poised to usher in a transformative era for Adult Learning and Education (ALE) in the country.

The report is a culmination of an analysis and reflection on the practical implementation of the Marrakesh Framework for Action within the Georgian context. It delves into the nuanced dynamics, challenges, and successes encountered during the process of translating the Framework's principles into actionable initiatives.

The report presents a holistic view of the current state of Adult Learning and Education in Georgia. This includes an exploration of existing strengths, identified gaps, and areas warranting further attention and development.

Positioned as a strategic document, the report is meticulously structured to encapsulate key findings, lessons learned, and emerging priorities.It serves as a reference point for understanding the trajectory of ALE in Georgia, offering valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

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