New web portal

The main goal of is for the people to have information about educational opportunities that contribute to personal or professional development.

The web portal including information on educational opportunities contributing to personal or professional development of citizens living in Georgia, was created with funding of DVV International Georgia Office. The portal will also introduce stakeholders to the existing non-formal and adult education centers currently operating in the country. Website contains information by region and type of educational courses. This will help the population to find the specific data they are looking for and become more active. In addition, organizations that are not registered on the website have the opportunity to upload their own profile using the “Add to Organization” feature. They can also insert courses they are offering to citizens.

For entering the portal is possible following the link: or logging in to web portal of the Georgian Adult Education Network:, wwhich  automatically redirects to the main page by clicking on the DVV International logo on the portal portal.

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