AE centers in Georgia: confronting crisis, supporting people

DVV International AE centers have spearheaded a very important project. Beneficiaries of sewing courses became involved in the production of medical masks, which are currently in high demand in Georgia.

Sewing course at Koda AE center ©Madona Oqropiridze

Sewing course at Kharagauli AE center ©Giorgi Mukhuradze

Masks sewing course at Leliani AE center ©Nana Nersezashvili

Masks sewing course at Chokhatauri AE center ©Avto Dolidze

The role and responsibility of adult education has increased during these challenging times of fighting COVID-19 in Georgia. The performance of 11 AE centers across Georgia, which were established by DVV International in 2006-2019 and continue to be supported by our organization, speaks for itself.

Just a few examples. Two weeks following the declaration of state of emergency in Georgia, all 11 centers started providing online psychological counseling courses for populations in different regions of the country. Hundreds of local residents are given valuable advice by professional psychologists on how to cope with the situation, how to reorganize daily activities, and how to confront stress and depression. In light of reported increase in domestic abuse cases in the wake of the crisis, special emphasis is placed on gender-based violence. At the same time, all the centers have moved their educational courses (theoretical part of vocational education, personal development, financial, civic education and others) for youth and adults to distance-learning. One of the participants had the following to say about online courses: “education is even more important now. It gives us a sense of normalcy in these ever-changing times. It makes us eager to live and grow, and the hope that we will get through this and become even stronger as a result.”

Seven different DVV International AE centers have spearheaded a very important project. Beneficiaries of sewing courses run by the Akhaltsikhe, Akhalkalaki, Koda, Leliani, CHokhatauri, Kharagauli and Ambrolauri centers became involved in the production of medical masks, which are currently in high demand in Georgia. Unfortunately, the shortage of masks and other protective gear becomes more pressing by the day. At the same time, many people simply cannot afford to buy a mask. Taking all of this into consideration, the seven AE centers produced 14.000 medical masks with the financial support of DVV International and handed them over to local municipalities for free. The local municipalities, in their turn, will take the lead in distributing the masks to socially disadvantaged populations in their respective regions. They have already posted the relevant information and photos on their websites, where they also extended a special thanks to our AE centers and DVV International. The events were publicized by local mass media. It is important to emphasize that masks were produced in accordance with social distancing and other emergency guidelines. The centers are planning to produce another volume of medical masks soon.

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